My Experience Dating A Millionaire For The First Time

sugardaddydatingFirst of all, I’m just a college student in my early 20, and this is my first-time involvement in the world of sugar daddy dating. It all started about a year ago, when I and my boyfriend were having a big fight, which led us to break the relationship. At the time, I was very depressed and emotionally unstable. I thought my ex-boyfriend was the right person for me, and I thought I was going to have him in my life forever. But, it turned out that I was mistaken about him.

As a college student, I was constantly in need of money for various things. First of all, my parents only send me very little money that can barely cover the costs of living in the big city, where my university is located. Thus, to get by, I needed to work part time in various places in order to earn some extra money that can help me cover my constant needs, such as to buy textbooks, as well as to have some fun once in a while.

At the time, my life was just above the water, and I was struggling to earn more money as the necessities keep piling up. However, one day, I met a customer where I work, which asked whether I have a boyfriend. I replied that I just broke up with my boyfriend, and was currently single. Then, the customer asked me whether I was willing to get acquainted with one of his rich friends. I replied that I was interested to get acquainted with him, since I was single anyway. So, the next week the customer came back to me and asked me to meet with the person in a nearby restaurant at 9 PM.

I simply accept the invitation and go to the restaurant at the designated time. Then, when I finally met the person, I felt that I liked this person. He is older, yet charming and has a good sex appeal. We talked about various things, and the talks were smooth and pleasant. On the way home, he offered me a ride and he gave me an envelope, thanking me for my willingness to accompany him. When I got back at my place, I opened the envelope, and there was $2,500 in it. I was very excited since this was the kind of money that I need to get.

Over the course of a few weeks, I met with this person again and again, and we are building a kind of unique relationship that I didn’t get from my ex-boyfriend. He kept giving me money, and encouraged me to study hard in college. We built a kind of romance that is fulfilling for both of us. He can satisfy me sexually, while at the same time, providing me with more than enough money to live comfortably in the big city.

Up until now, I am still having a good relationship with this person. I guess I’m lucky to have him as my sugar daddy, since there might not be a lot of men that are as caring as him nowadays. Well, this is my first experience in the world of sugar daddy dating, and I highly recommend any woman try dating a rich man instead of keep dating the same kind of jerk over and over again.

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